The Canvas Conference humbly exists to inform all acts of human creativity and beauty with biblical, gospel-centered theology for the worship of the triune God.



Inscape. noun in·scape \ˈinzˌkāp : the unique essence or inner nature of a person, place, thing, or event, especially depicted in poetry or a work of art.

Creativity is about turning ourselves inside out. We put our emotions on display for the world to see, know, and feel. We etch our hurt, joy, pain, love, lament, and grace into each page, capture it in every frame, press it into every key, and relive it with each chorus we sing.

And though our feelings often lead to beautiful, genuine art, our feelings do not always lead to the truth about the world, others, and ourselves. This is why we need a divine perspective. This is why creativity needs theology: not to abolish our feelings altogether, but to help us interpret and reimagine our emotional experience in light of God’s design. When we do, our emotions become worship and our creativity paints with the colors of eternal truth, goodness, and beauty that belong only to the Creator of this world and those who are his.



By design, the Canvas Conference stands at the intersection of theology and creativity.  Our hope and heart in this venture is gospel-oriented and gospel-driven. We want to help build strong theological foundations for the artist and, likewise, to push Christians to pursue creative orthodoxy in their theological craft. We have found that without theology, creativity wanders from its original significance and purpose; while without creativity, theology often becomes cold, distant, and futile.   

In response, The Canvas Conference seeks to build bridges between the artist and the theologian by inviting God to take center stage in every human endeavor. We want to watch the Lord as he put theology and creativity in their proper place. We want to show that creativity begins and ends with the God of Christian Scripture.  It is our Creator who created us in his image to create.  Thus, we should do so for his glory, for our good, and for the benefit of all. To do this rightly, we need to hear God speak.  So we gather together at Canvas to listen to the Lord and be changed by his thoughts on art, the creative act, what he thinks about us, what he has made us to be, and how he can transform our broken attempts at beauty into means of divine grace.    



We want those attending the Canvas Conference to walk away better artist-theologians and better theologian-artists.  Through our time together, we want to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord and to understand our place in his kingdom with greater clarity.  We want to show how each of us can reveal God’s image and how he transforms us into the perfect image of his Son, Jesus Christ.  We want every act of our creativity—from writing to painting, from music to parenting—to be enhanced by the reality of the gospel, the hope it affords, and the future it offers.  In short, we want to be worship.  We want to worship with you.  And we want to worship God in a way that changes everything about us and everything we create.



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